Holidays For Kids

Each December, Holidays For Kids brings joy to over 1,800 local children from Title 1 schools.

December 2018

Each December, Holidays For Kids brings joy to over 1,800 local children from Title 1 schools. The event provides children with the ultimate holiday party, complete with arts and crafts, balloon artists, face painters, lunch, a visit with Santa and a backpack full of books and presents!

In 2017, Amp the Cause volunteers wrapped over 29,000 presents for 2,139 children, with a total giveback of $377,611.38! Thank you to the 1,216 volunteers whose dedication made these events possible.


2018 Holidays For Kids Beneficiaries

DECEMBER 4 | STEM Launch School | Denver Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse Street

The mission of STEM Launch is to inspire achievement through rigorous, innovative, and authentic experiences. STEM Launch offers a full range of educational opportunities while students engage in problem based learning. Problem Based Learning offers connected experiences between the home, school, and community. Student skills are developed for social, political and economic participation in a diverse, interdependent, and changing world. In addition to creative problem solving within their classroom experience, students engage in interactions with experts in the field and collaborate with professionals from a variety of industries.

DECEMBER 6 | Tennyson Center For Children | 2950 Tennyson Street

Tennyson Center for Children provides residential and therapeutic services, as well as a K-12 school for Colorado children ages five to 18. The treatment programs are extensive and are as varied as the children and families served. Tennyson Center provides competent and caring treatment that is child-centered, family-focused and community-based.

DECEMBER 10 | Ricardo Flores Magón Academy |Denver Marriott Tech Center, 4900 S. Syracuse Street

The Ricardo Flores Magón Academy colectivo takes absolute responsibility to prepare all students for high school, college, and life- regardless of home language or background- by employing high expectations, a profound passion for teaching and learning, and an emphasis on social consciousness. Magonistas succeed not by chance, but rather through hard work, preparation, and urgency. By embracing our cultural heritage, RFMA educators work collectively to inspire our students to be champions in the classroom, on the tennis court and chess board, in college, and beyond.


DECEMBER 13 | Aurora Public Schools | Embassy Suites, 1420 Stout Street

Montview Math & Health Sciences Elementary

Montview is an environment that on all levels synergizes to create the conditions for their students and staff to exceed their academic, social, and civic potential. This year, they are especially excited about their new math curriculum, as well as, continuing their college reading and writing project. They want all of their students to be passionate about reading and writing. They are 86% free and reduced lunch.

Paris Elementary

Paris is committed to being an equitable community where all students collaborate to reach their potential through the power of innovations and culturally responsive teaching, and become international leaders, risk-takers, and critical thinkers who follow their dreams. Paris is the school that was most impacted by the 7/20 Theatre Shooting. They are 89% free and reduced lunch.

Vaughn Elementary

Vaughn Elementary abides by the two goals of academic achievement and building a positive school culture. They believe the best ways to achieve these are through reading and math proficiency, as well as, increased behavioral engagement and school attendance. They are committed to a culture of inquiry and maintaining a safe and compassionate learning environment. They are 88% free and reduced lunch.

Virginia Court Elementary

Virginia Court is committed to facilitating purposeful learning experiences, and nurturing their community to be problem-solvers who are resilient and culturally responsive in a global society. Their student enrollment is 478, with 64% of their student population classified as Hispanic. They are 83.7% free and reduced lunch.


DECEMBER 14 | Denver Public Schools | Embassy Suites, 1420 Stout Street

Castro Elementary

Castro Elementary provides an exciting and empowering environment that celebrates and nurtures not only the student, but also the teacher and parents. As a diverse elementary school, they put an emphasis on strong communication skills to succeed in a global society.  This year, Castro is our smallest Denver Public School represented; their enrollment is 375 students with 98% students of color and 97% receiving free and reduced lunch.

Munroe Elementary

The students of Munroe Elementary school strive to be super. The faculty and staff at Munroe work hard to meet the diverse educational and social needs of every student, and ultimately to make a difference in each of their lives. They work together to maintain the pillars of a safe, united, positive, excellent, and respectful environment. They are 97% free and reduced lunch and students of color.

Place Bridge Academy

Place Bridge Academy delights in an environment of learning and cultural celebration. More than 60 different languages and over 40 different countries from around the world are represented in their student body. With the vast amount of refugee and immigrant students at their school, they are proud to offer what they call Newcomers Centers in conjunction with their homeroom classrooms to help support concentrated English language development. They are 94% free and reduced lunch.